Ahh... Breathe That Pine!

Last Summer I went on a week-long vacation in Central Oregon—the setting of my novel Dove Strong.  The combination of cascade mountains, wilderness areas, and high-desert terrain inspired me as I worked on my second book of the Dove Strong trilogy—when I wasn’t chasing my husband on a bike or plunging into a pool after my girls.

I love the area near Bend, Oregon. So does my husband’s family.

“Did you include the smell of the place in your book?” my mother-in-law asked during our trip.

I assured her that my main character does indeed breathe in the warm, pine air. She also experiences the dead needles underfoot, the scorching sun against her skin, and the toe-numbing chill of night while camping in the mountain’s foothills.  All her journeys are exhausting... but I enjoy both writing them and living them through her experiences in the beautiful Oregon wild.